Here’s To Day One!

Dear Diary,

I’m sitting in my 800 baht hotel room writing about an experience not soon forgotten. So Neil and I left the Phoenix Hotel via Uber to ibis Hotel on the riverside in Bangkok. It was a nice little glamorous setting. Fully prepared to store our bags because it is only 9am. We were surprised to find they could give us a room. Spirits high, we stash our bags and head out to the closest Pier to get a boat that will take us across the river for 3 baht. Once across the river, we wait until our next boat costing 100 baht to take us to “temples.” Yes, that’s all the language needed and required. Smiles on our faces and sailing down the river we are ready for day one! The first thing I remember getting off the boat was, “Wow, there are so many people!” Neil and I navigated our way through a market and found an information desk for a good map of the area. It was so hot, that I negotiated a magnum ice cream in order to continue. So here we are, “first day” in Bangkok and we are on a hunt for ice cream. We came across a lovely cafe that served food and magnum ice cream. Once satisfied, we continued to walk around. I think we ended up at a shrine and just watched. It was a great experience. Next we got a Tuk-Tuk for 40 baht and went to the Golden Mount. My advice is to always research prices for temples, rides, and etc., for a happy tourist! After the lovely Golden Mount with all the  “step, step, step, step” for another 20 baht,  we ventured off to the Big Buddha! It was free to marvel at the giant statue! Yay!


   Lastly we saw the marble temple which was another 20 baht. It was a breathtaking and overwhelming day all of which ended around 3 pm. Tired and ready for the pool we head back down the river only for me, Tiffany, to suggest that I knew which stop it was. The orient! How wrong I was! Here we are having to cross the river again only to walk “4 bus stop, 15 min walk” (Which was only 2 bus stops and a 10 minute walk.) Ibis! So good to see you! I thought. I was becoming testy with the long day and heat. Not good for a girl like me. We rushed to get a beer in hand, poolside spot and revisited the amazing day. 

Check back for more of our Thailand excursions. I’ll through in useful tips along the way 😉 Just wait until you hear about our train excursion! 

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