Cooking Classes


Dear Diary,

The day was… is… the 31st of May (Day 2 in Thailand) and the 5th of June (Day 6 in Thailand). The first place Neil and I cooked at (Bangkok) we had a menu that went like this:

1. Market Tour, Paid Taxi, Home Facility & Introductions
2. Sticky Rice vs Jasmine Rice
3. Tom Yum Goong, Creamy Style
4. Papaya Salad
5. Pad Thai with Prawns
6. Masaman Curry
7. Mango Sticky Rice


         The second cooking class in the North went a little like this:

1. Introductions, 5 minute walk to Market and School Facility
2. Pad Thai with Chicken (no Tamarind Paste that I had in Bangkok. This one had oyster sauce instead which wasn’t in Bangkok’s class.) (Neil did Fried Rice instead!)
3. Spring Rolls with Glass Noodles
4.  Tom Yum Kung (no Coconut Millk in this version)
5. Panning Curry with Pork

6. Fried Banana with Coconut Ice Cream (yummy)


               They were very different schools, I repeated some recipes only because I wanted to try different styles 🙂

All in all they were both great! Both had great instructors, market tours, fresh ingredients and a day of fun!

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