Day 3 in Bangkok

 Dear Diary,

I’m writing to you determined and furious at myself for typing a lovely post only to be struck by the infamous line “where did my writing go!?” Yes, I know… It’s heart breaking!! So here I go again. Hopefully, there will be as much love in this post as the last 🙂 I will try my best! So here it goes! The day was number 3 in Bangkok. Our initial shock at actually being in Thailand aside, Neil and I had one last stop on our agenda; The Grand Palace. Hurray! So we spent our afternoon in awe at this amazing place. It was also a “holiday” and there were many Thais praying. We closed our eyes and just listened. It was harmonious and enchanting hearing everything in sync. 

So here we are, the hottest day yet and Neil and I are trying to last as long as possible.  But after melting, we decided to take the rest of the day easy so we slowly made our way back to our hotel. After regaining our energy we hunted for tips for good places to eat. We wanted a smart place so we could dress up. The receptionist was very helpful and got us to try Asiatique. A riverfront “mall”.  We had a great dinner on the water and then did some bargaining with the local merchants. Neil was becoming quite good! it was a good ending to our time in Bangkok and we were finding ourselves ready for the next spot! Ayutthaya here we come! (Via Train!)


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