Train Travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai


 Dear Diary,

Finally in Phuket but I’m here to write to you about our experience with the train system in Thailand. After a long debate, Neil and I decided on daytime traveling. After hearing stories of missing bags etc… we didn’t want to take a chance losing our bags. So, it all started on Day 4 of our Thailand trip, we took an Uber to the Hua Lamphong Railway Station. For which we spend 15 baht for a third class train to Ayutthaya (we decided to split the trip into two days and make a stop off to some ruins.) But no AC! Wow it was very hot! It was only a 2.5 hour train for which I was grateful. Once we got to Ayutthaya we got a taxi for 150 baht to our home stay on the water “south” of the island. It was through Airbnb which we stayed with a lovely Une and she gave us free bikes which we cycled all over town for the rest of the day! This is the day Neil and I also tried out the postal service. Our bags were too heavy to keep carting around. It was a fast and easy system for which we were greatful! We then tried some great local resteraunts for some yummy, you guessed it, Thai food! After a long day we were ruined out! And slept heavily until he early morning. The next morning was our first “Thai” breakfast of a noodle soup and of course coffee. It was delicious! Not something I’ve ever tried. But delicious! 

        After another 150 baht trip to the train station, we waited for our delayed train. I think we were lucky because it was only delayed about 25 minutes. It was roughly 545 baht for a 10 hour ride north. Not too bad! We had yummy (I say it was icky) food and lots of snacks and drinks while we enjoyed the beautiful countryside. (I think I read one whole book!) A definite P.S. Watch out for those squatter toilets. Yuck!!!

All in all our experience was a good one and we were glad to arrive in Chiang Mai early enough for taxis! It was about 9pm when we hailed one for Old City! 

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