Time Spent in Chiang Mai, Thailand

        Dear Diary, I’m writing to you guys from a mini bus after a long day of snorkeling. Details to come soon!! So back to Chiang Mai! We got off the train coming from Ayutthaya at 9ish because of delays. We were on train 9. A lovely Thai couple who owned a taxi and your company gave us a lift into Old City Chiang Mai for 150 baht for the two of us. We stayed at BP City Hotel because they had a good pool and breakfast. The most important meal of the day! The coffee wasn’t the greatest because Neil and I are not used to using condensed milk. We just couldn’t get used to the taste! So we usually went for a mid afternoon iced coffee at any cafe we could find on our daily walks. Each day we would pick a direction and just start walking. I have to say… Chiang Mai Folks are much nicer to us than Bangkok and Phuket! My personal opinion.            Back to our ride in he taxi, we spent the time planning up first day in Chiang Mai. It was a day of driving for only 400 baht each. We saw the Long Neck tribe, Tiger Kingdom (baby Cubs of course!) Thai Silk Factory, Silver Factory, Leather Factory and Doi Suthep Temple!        Day 2 was our cooking class, Day 3 was our day at Patara Elephant Farm, Day 4 was a day of exploring temples, cafes, and shops. Day 5 was a fun day at The Edge Resteraunt and Bar where we met with our friends for some good drinks on the river, Day 6 was filled with taxi travel to further areas like Maya shopping mall and around, plus great massages at the night bazar, called Lets Relax. It was great! Finally, we joined our good friend for a river cruise for our farewell dinner! We found a great brew house across the road afterwards where we got together with more friends. The next day, the final morning, we had great breakfast at our lovely B&B, The Arte House where they got us a taxi to the airport and we were on our way to Phuket! The Airport was small but pleasant enough. He road a bus to our plane when boarding came around. The last time I did that was in South Africa.   Soon to come is our Phuket Adventures! 

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