Time Spent in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Dear Diary,

DSC_5339After our 12-hour train ride from Ayutthaya, we finally arrived in Chiang Mai. We got in at 9 pm, but we hadn’t arranged for any transportation to get to our hotel. We were lucky to be approached by a lovely Thai couple who owned a taxi tour company who gave us a lift to our hotel, BP City, in Old Chiang Mai.

As soon as we got in, we went to bed so we could wake up bright and early for our next day’s adventures.

Upon waking up, we groggily went for coffee and breakfast with the hotel. We were sprung awake with sugar-filled condensed milk coffees to start our day. We decided to take our first day easy and to gain our bearings of the layout. We spent most of the day walking and locating various temples, cafes, restaurants, and shops.

IMG_6937The next day we contacted the lovely Thai couple who had given us a ride upon our arrival in Chiang Mai, and we went on a full-day tour. We visited the Long Neck Tribe, Tiger Kingdom, the Thai Silk Factory, a silver factory, a leather factory, and the Doi Suthep Temple.

IMG_6889Each place felt very touristy and aimed at gaining as many donations as possible. Neil and I didn’t have much money, so we weren’t received so well. The Thai Silk Factory and Doi Suthep Temple were my favorite events of the day.

We learned about the entire silk process from silkworms to making beautiful items then were ushered into a shop to buy expensive silk items. The only thing I purchased was a silk coin purse. For the Doi Suthep Temple, everything was terrific. The views overlooking the city of Chiang Mai were breathtaking, and the photo opportunities were plenty. We ended our day here and went back to our hotel in Old City, Chiang Mai.


IMG_6637The second day we spent at a cooking class- which marked the second cooking class of our Thailand trip. We made spring rolls, green Thai curry, and a delicious fried banana dessert — it made for a lovely opportunity for us to meet fellow travelers and share our stories. The class took up most of the day, so we decided to turn in early and end our day there.

On the third day, we traveled to Patara Elephant Farm, where we got to see how to feed, bathe, and care for elephants. They were majestic animals with so much personality. We had a blast getting muddy alongside baby, adults, and grandparent elephants.

IMG_6773IMG_6797The two days that followed were filled with exploring. We visited temples, cafes, shops, and we even ended up meeting old friends for some drinks on a riverboat. It was a wonderful break from being a tourist as we reminisced about our pasts for a few hours.

We spent our remaining time with our friends, exploring and eating our way through Chiang Mai. On the seventh day of our stay in Chiang Mai, we said our goodbyes and headed to the airport to fly to Phuket.

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