Oh Phuket!

Dear Diary,

I believe I have a love/hate relationship with Phuket. In some ways it reminds me of Bangkok and others it reminds me of Chiang Mai with regards to the quieter areas. I’m glad we started our trip in Bangkok to “get it out of the way.” So far, Chiang Mai is my favorite place. The start to our Phuket trip wasn’t a great one. I wish I would have read more reviews and booked more. Alas, the end of the trip was approaching and I felt more of a struggle to plan every second. I had hopes to wing it. Neil and I encountered mild annoyance at struggling with getting a taxi to Tri Trang Beach in Patong. No one knew of our hotel, At Zea Hotel. Once I googled it and it said it was closed. Yikes!! However once we arrived (thanks to Neil giving directions off our GPS) we were amazed. It was beautiful! They were very welcoming and helpful. 



We had free breakfast every morning and the staff were so sweet. They made amazing cocktails. Every morning before breakfast we would go for an hour swim in the ocean. It felt pretty rewarding. 


We wanted to enjoy our time at the beach and the hotel that we only did one tour. That was our Phi Phi Snorkeling trip. Our shuttle then found us easily. We did venture out and had walks around. It wasn’t anything to write home about but I’m glad we got to see more of the area! All in all Phuket was a fun 5 days. Next to come is our adventures of Koh Samui!!

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