Our First Day In Koh Samui

       Dear Diary, The first day on this wonderful Island was spent at a Cooking Class in Lamai called Lamai Thai Cooking Class. We met a lovely couple from Scotland and instantly became friends. The class itself was great and homely with only the four of us as students. The setting for this Cooking Class was at Grandfather and Grandmother rock. A very touristy attraction. (I didn’t know this when I booked. What a great surprise!) It wasn’t too busy nor was it a distraction. It was very nice having a beach as your background. During the class we made, Tom Kha Gai, Spring Rolls, Green Curry, Pad Thai, and Banana in Coconut Milk for dessert. We couldn’t move afterward we were so full! So we waddled down to the beach for some photos.         We persuaded our new friends to continue hanging out and we went to our Resort, the Intercontinental in Baan Taling Ngam. (They have 7 pools!) I will admit we got a great deal!! The hotel offered us free water, fresh fruit, and a nice coconut milk taster while we relaxed in two of their pools. They even have their own beach! The only thing is the food… It’s pricier than we were used to.        All in all, it was an amazing first day in Koh Samui! 


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