Food Poisoning, Koh Samui, Phuket, and Denpasar!


 Dear Diary, Food poisoning isn’t fun… And it’s almost inevitable. After an amazing day in Bophut Fishing Village in Koh Samui, Neil and I got the icky pains associated with food poisoning. After a night of no sleep (thank goodness our hotel had two bathrooms!!) we had to pack… It was the final morning of Koh Samui! We paid a whopping 2000 baht to get to the airport. It was a painful ride full of nausea! Once at the airport we found out, I accidentally booked for July instead of June… whoops! But they thankfully had availability and were able to get us on the flight. We had booked through Bangkok Airways and they only charge 80 baht per extra Kg. So with an extra $60 we were on our way to Phuket. The airport itself is nice, however it is an outside airport. So weird! Anyways it was a great flight and Bangkok Airways is amazing! They let us sit near the toilets and gave us lots of electrolyte packets and huge bottles of water to get us back on track. Once at Phuket Airport we called our hotel shuttle (yes I booked a shuttle with the hotel! Much easier to do!) We got ourselves checked into T-Villa for the night. (Literally, we went to bed at 4:30 PM we felt so ill!) We woke up around 8PM and tried to eat some snacks which made us feel worse! So back to bed we went until 6am. We had a 9:25 Flight from Phuket to Denpasar, Bali. It had a 3 hour layover in Singapore. The baggage situation was a lot different! They were 625 baht per Kg!!!! So after 20 minutes of unpacking and repackaged we were on our way with two very full carry-ons each… And the clerk helped us through with no extra charge for the 22kg bag being checked in, each. (Imagine recovering from food poisoning and struggling! It was harsh!) We had a layover in Singapore and it was there, when we actually ate for the first time. And it was Pizza!! 


Once we were in Denpasar Bali we got to bypass the visa on arrival on account of our passports being American and British. YAY! We got through security and immigration and meet a driver from our Hotel, Alam Terrace Cottages on Jalan Bisma, Ubud. (Calling the hotel for a shuttle is the way to go!) He took us to an ATM on the way and it was a very pleasant hour and a half ride. 

All in all… It was a horrible end to Thailand but a fresh start in Bali!

Next to come: Ubud!

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