Day 1 in Ubud, Bali


Dear Diary,

We started our day with Bali Coffee at our hotel, Alam Terrace Cottages on Jalan Bisma road. It was quite different from what Neil and I were used to! We noticed a couple of other shocked tourist faces around and knew we weren’t alone. After a little insight to coffee we were on our way. We walked down the narrow passageway to the main road, Jalan Bisma and decided to turn left. This brought us to a secluded area of rice paddies, locals, and our first monkey. This lovely monkey decided to follow us. We were a bit spooked until we actually got to the Monkey Forest and saw that there was at least 20 monkeys running around. We paid our entrance fee (ignore the shop patrons yelling “banana for monkey!” You cannot bring it in!) and we walked in. Made sure nothing could be grabbed for stealing. 


     The cute monkeys were devious and loved attention. One climbed on Neils back without him noticing! All in all, it was a great photography filled morning! 

For the afternoon we went to Agung Art Museum at Arma Resort. It was very relaxing and beautiful! It was also a short walk from the Monkey Forest. (We stopped for more “Bali Kopi” along the way.) 

The Agung Art museum is a must! You get a free drink voucher with your entrance fee as well as a friendly chat about what there is to see. The rice field in the back is lovely! Lots of bridges, fountains, and greenery. 

Next is more Ubud Love ♥️


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