Day 2 in Ubud – A Silversmith Class & Legong Dance!

Dear Diary,

Today, we booked tours for days 3 and 4 of our Bali trip and we were on our way to our silversmith class! We booked with Chez Monique! I recommend! We walked there for our 9am class and arrived very early, which wasn’t a problem. They had delicious ginsing coffee and we were on our way to designing pieces of jewelry. Neil and I decided on creating something for each other. (Awwww!) He designed me a charm for my pandora bracelet. It is a monkey with Bali written on the back. The monkey represents the monkey forest as well as my zodiac sign! Double points 😉 The one I made Neil is the shape of Africa with his zodiac sign (Virgo) on the front with S.A for South Africa! The back has his constellation. I got the idea from a dear friend 😉 she knows who she is!!



We found our way through the Ubud market, wandering through all the shops and found lunch at a delicious resteraunt called Nomad. Had amazing food and we want to go back! After a day filled with wandering around we got back to our hotel for an hour power nap. (Which was just an hour of photo sorting and editing!) Afterwards we were ready for the evening! We walked back into town to go to dinner (we stopped at umah pizza!) – very traditional and we went early to catch seats for he legong dance at the Ubud Palace! We got there for good seats around 6:40 PM because it started at 7:30. Well worth it! We had the 2nd row to the back and the sides to choose from. We ended up getting the first row on the left side on a corner! Very good seats 🙂 

It was a beautiful dance filled with 9 different stories ranging from romance, the youth and religious masks. There were mostly girls. Very few men. The music was played by an orchestra of men playing the drums/xylophones. Very interesting!! The performance lasted about an hour and fifteen so we were on our way home by 8:20PM! (They offer beer and water here -well the ladies do! And toilets FYI!)



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