The Hidden Waterfall, Gunung Kawi, Tegalalang Rice Terrace, and Kintamani!


Dear Diary, 

Our tour was the same price of 600,000 rp for the whole day. Also split between Neil and I of course. We started our trip by going to the hidden waterfall just outside of Ubud. Here we had to cross two rickety bridges to view this amazing sight. I wasn’t scared at all.. 

(It was only a small fee to come through. Very worth it)   

The next stop was Gunung Kawi with the “step.. step.. step” says the guide. Boy was he right. There were many steps! It was amazing here. This photo is only a small portion of what you see there:

(Another small fee…)

There were also wedding photographers, photographing a local Balinese man and woman in their traditional wedding outfits. Absolutely beautiful. On our way into visit Gunung Kawi, we got to see preparations for their cremation ceremonies. There were many offerings! 

(Aaaanother small fee 🙂 ) 

Next, was the Tegalalang Rice Terrace. It was amazing. It isn’t as big as the Jariluwih Rice Terraces but it’s very “deep.” It was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen. Neil and I sat and had coffee while just taking everything in. (After photos of course!)

(An expensive lunch, small fee to get into the area and expensive for hot springs $15 US) 
Lastly, we were taken to lunch where our view was Mt. Batur. An active volcano. It was beautiful! I can’t say that enough. After lunch we went down to the hot springs and just relaxed for the end of the day. They were very warm and lovely. There were many locals there and a few tourists. 

6 responses to “The Hidden Waterfall, Gunung Kawi, Tegalalang Rice Terrace, and Kintamani!

    • You’ll definitely be able to achieve it on a day tour. It’s not far from ubud and it takes approximately 30-60 minutes to explore. Be ready for a lot of stairs! And don’t pay for a sarong 🙂

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    • Tegenungan Waterfall 🙂 its beautiful! If you’re coming from Ubud then it’s maybe 20 minutes by taxi/driver. Definitely worth fitting in with temples and rice terraces or even a coffee plantation!


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