Climbing Mt. Batur for Sunrise


Dear Diary,

Today we woke up at 2:00 AM and got ready for our hike! It is the baby of the volcanoes around but it’s still beautiful. We left Alam Terrace Cottages at 2:30 and it only look one hour to get to the base of the volcano. So, we started our hike groggy as ever at 3:30. We were told it was easily done in roughly 2 hours. It was also pitch black. I was a bit nervous because we spotted a few dogs. I was worried until our guide dog showed up. His name was something like Bruno. He was a beautiful yellow lab mix. Neil and I decided to rename him Hikey because without him I would have surely whined a lot more along the way. He was a woman’s best friend today. He stopped everytime I did and stayed near me. I was very greatful. It was too dark to see anything so I focused on Hikeya breathing and Neils friendly chat with our guide and a local. The local told us he’s been climbing Mt. Batur every day for the past 12 years. His job was taking cold beverages and selling them on the top. He’s been saving for his wedding and his wedding was due to happen in 3 more days. It was an astounding story and he was very strong. He didn’t tire at all. Once we got to the top (suprisingly just under 1.5 hrs) our guide went to hard boil some eggs (all of which he carried in his pack). I shared my water with Hikey and huddled near Neil with a hot cocoa. It was freezing! I wore pants and many layers and I was still freezing! We had an hour to freeze before sunrise but it was beautiful!! The volcano steam cooked our eggs and we had lovely egg sandwiches, banana sandwiches, fruit, energy bars, and lots of water and coffee/hot cocoa. Neil of course bought a bunch of drinks from the nice local with the great story. After a breath taking shot of sunset we climbed draper into the volcano to warm up. It was amazing!


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