Bingin Beach, Bali

Dear Diary,

We had beautiful sunsets and delicious food on the beach. It was really a magical place. The Stars were bright and the surf was awesome. The only tough thing is if you stay on the beach watch out for those stairs! I sware its like 5-10 minutes straight of stairs. There has to be at least 200! I may have exaggerated but those stairs with 7 bags are not fun. We paid a local lady whose job is to Cary heavy things up and down. So we said yes please for 100,000 rp. She carried one of my bigger bags while I carried my duffle, backpack, camera bag, and tote bag. 

 We stayed on Bingin Beach for two nights and didn’t dare go near those stairs until we had to leave. It was doable because there was so much to do at Bingin. Watch the waves crash at high tide, try different cafes for breakfast, lunch and dinner with amazing food and drinks!! And we used our time to read, take photos, tan, and lounge. It was truly the most relaxing two days of our trip. The vibe here is truly a chilled one which we loved for our escape from the city. I was quite hard to find and once again we took an uber here for 131,000 rp! 

Next will be our adventures in Kuta! Back to the city we go!

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