There Is More To Kuta Than Meets The Eye

Dear Diary,

Neil and I stayed in a lovely hotel on the beach called The Kuta Playa. It was in walking distance to pretty much everything we wanted to do. The first day we wandered over to their mall. Neil’s flip flops broke so we had to do some shopping. We happened to get lunch here and it was quite expensive. 90,000 rp for fish and chips! Which we shouldn’t complain about. It’s still pretty cheap but drastically different from our normal Nasi Goreng for 35,000 rp. After shopping and eating we just wandered over to the beach where we had very nice cold beers, Bintang and a Radler for the sunset. We sat on good beanbags and had a great experience. There were lots of beggers. Please don’t give them anything! They will swarm! The worst are the children; if they are rejected, they fling themselves on the ground almost in a fit. 


You can’t come to Kuta without surfing. If you’re a surfer then go to Bingin, Echo or maybe Uluwatu. For a lovely beach break try Kuta for beginners. I am a beginner. This was the first successful surf experience I’ve had! 


Neil didn’t need a lesson and he stayed near me while I did mine! 


So, for the rest of our time in Kuta not surfing, we strolled the streets for souvenirs and a new place to eat for each meal. There are many choices that I cannot list. It’s all about exploring and looking at the different vibes. We found every type of “scene.”

Here’s some phone photography of our favorite resteraunt and the happenings during dinner!

It’s on an alley way off of the main roads. Called “Waroeng Tan Poh” they had cheap delicious food and usually a funny character or two would pass by. 


This is one item from a street sellers bag. Take a look next time you see and enjoy a game of bargaining. It is a game 😉 

I have yet to get a good photo of this!!! So here’s a iPhone shot in a split second. This always brought smiles to us no matter where we were. 

Next: Gili Trawangan!

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