Gili Trawangan: Paradise Island

Dear Diary,

We booked our ride with Perama Toura and the bus was great. The Ferry was not! They used Marina Srikandi. Run if you see this company. It was such a struggle to get to Gili AND to get back!!! Getting there: a mess of information, wrong lines, late, and too full! We had to be moved all around to finally get the last boat to the island. Stressful!!! I got sick not because it was rough but because of the fuel smell was so strong. Once we got there we had to jump in the water; pretty standard for beach docking, and hope our bags didn’t land in the water. Just in wet sand. Once we got our bags we got a horse carriage (only a healthy looking one!) and went to our Hotel: Gili Divers. It wasn’t too far from town thank goodness! It was a 7 hour journey that was supposed to only be 3… We dropped our bags and went for pizza and Bintang on the beach. Yum! 


 We went for sunset to make our day balance out with the good and bad so here are a few shots from the south of the island!
Day 16 was a fresh start. Since we stayed close to town we had a Mosque in our back yard. It was Ramadan so we had prayer from 6pm-11pm, 3am, and 5am. We weren’t used to it so we didn’t get much sleep. By the end of the 6 days trust me when I say I didn’t wake once! You get used to it. I always tried to look to the bright side. We weren’t in Kansas anymore. 

We went for a cooking class, which was amazing then went for Tapas and Sangria at Karma Kayak and a sunset up north. 

In the cooking class, we learned: Mie Goereng, kelopan, yellow curry, and a peanut sauce. It was so delicious!!


Our instructor was DJ, a very lively and fun teacher. I remember a lot and I’m glad we have the recipies to remind us. This was a great cooking class. 


Here’s a sunset photo of Karma Kayak. 

During the second day, we went for a Snorkeling tour for 100,000 rp. Very cheap and the equipment was pretty good! We met some great people and became friends that we became friends with for the rest of our time on Gili Trawangan. We saw turtle point, a wreck, and a underwater garden. We stopped for lunch on Gili Air which was nice to see. It made me appreciate Gili Trawangan because there’s more to do. I hear the snorkeling off of Gili Air is beautiful. 



Here’s Neil getting close to the wreck and divers.

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