Being a Mermaid in The Gili Islands

Dear Diary,
There’s something magical about holding your breath for as long as you can while you listen to the quiet. Closing my eyes I try to imagine what it’s like to live underwater. It’s magical and exciting at the same time. 

The currents are strong On Gili Island. As soon as I put my head underwater to watch the fish, I’m no longer near my bag, my marker for coming in and out. It’s that fast. 

 These islands have very strong currents. Neil and I watched the low and high tides when snorkeling from the beach. 

During the second day, we went for a Snorkeling tour for 100,000 rp. Very cheap and the equipment was pretty good! We met some great people and became friends that we became friends with for the rest of our time on Gili Trawangan. We saw turtle point, a wreck, and a underwater garden. We stopped for lunch on Gili Air which was nice to see. It made me appreciate Gili Trawangan because there’s more to do. I hear the snorkeling off of Gili Air is beautiful. 


Here’s Neil getting close to the wreck and divers.

Our small but full glass bottle boat. They had a sketchy ladder… But two guides in the water at all times.


A lobster!

A beautiful turtle. Make sure to pass by the turtle hatchery on Gili Trawangan for hundreds of baby turtles!!!

If you snorkel from the beach it’s quite easy. Go out in front of Gili divers for easy snorkeling. Afterwards you can go out in front of karma kayak. You may need water shoes to step on all the rocks at low tide.

The snorkeling was better off the beach than during the trip. Sometimes you can manage to see a turtle off the beach too. If you do then there’s no need for a tour!

We had a blast being in the water. After all the snorkeling, we were ready to be away from water for a while…..

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