A Volcano Eruption & an Extended  Goodbye to Indonesia

Dear Diary,

We spent the last few days on Gili Trawangan playing cards with new friends, trying new resteraunts, and lots of cycling. 


If you have time, walk or cycle until you find something amazing. 


Go watch a sunrise…

Go see the stars…

Explore inland…

Walk the beaches… There’s everything and more to do in Paradise Island!

Getting off of Gili was a bit stressful.  Our ferry company couldn’t guarantee we’d get off the island. But there are other things worse… So we went and surprisingly got on the boat. But not before watching the boat almost crash and having to wade into the water with our bags! Wear water shoes please. 


Yes this was our ferry…

Nonetheless, we got back to gili safe. Boarded a shuttle and went to Kuta with a group of fun Scottish people  we had lots of laughs and a great ending to Gili Trawangan. 

We stayed in Kuta for a night before our flight the next evening. We were a little worried about the airport being closed because of Volcano Raum. We were told our flight was on time and went to the airport. 

They only filled the plane until it was full then pushed us back and said to come back tomorrow. We were quite stressed because we had a flight from Bali to Hongkong, Hongkong to Johannesburg, then to Cape Town. 

But we left and stayed at our favorite hotel in the Kuta area, Surfer Bliss. We had a good nights sleep, a great breakfast before trying again. It was quite messy at the airport and we were denied entrance into the airport because fellow Hongkong airline people were rioting and fighting each other. Joy… So we went to information and he said our flight is checking in and we needed to get through. So we tried again and again and it was always NO. Kinda stressful… So, we went to the group of Chinese who were yelling at a translator and I snuck in next to the translator and somehow… Someway the manager came out and escorted Neil and I inside, upgraded us to business class, and put us in front of the que. Wait, it doesn’t stop there! We go through immigration, get to our gate and there’s a long line for boarding. Great. Neil asks where the line for business class is and they say the back! I’m like hold on…… So, I walk to the front. Say I’m business class and the staff open the gate, let Neil and I on then close it. Surreal… We don’t hesitate, we get on the plane and have refreshments and a chat to the pilot and crew. They were very nice! A good five minutes later the rest of the people start boarding. It was a lovely 5 hour flight to Hongkong. And since I booked a 17 hr layover which we missed, we got to still make the rest of th legs of our flight! But not before our bags got lost then found, then redirected to the correct place. We were quite nervous and thought we’d land in South Africa without our bags for sure! 
We landed fine and had to do the immigration and check in process with out bags in Johannesburg before boarding our flight to Cape Town. This is it! We made it!

It’s been a long couple days and I was sick with a stomach flu. Fun!

I slept the first few days in Cape Town because I was sick but we were ready to explore! 



Gili Trawangan

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