Addo Elephant Park & The Eastern Cape

Dear Diary,

Addo is about an 8 or 9 hour car ride out of Cape Town but worth every minute! We stayed in Port Elizabeth for 5 days and took one day to see the elephants at Addo Elephant National Park.

 Addo was absolutely amazing with all the elephants and history behind it. It is the third largest park in South Africa but is one of 19 parks in total. It was lovely to spend the day and we also had a picnic lunch with the view of the elephants in the reserve. The original Elephant section of the park was proclaimed in 1931, when only eleven elephants remained in the area; today Addo is home to over 450 elephants, Lion, Cape buffalo, Black Rhino, a variety of antelope species, as well as the flightless dung beetle, found almost exclusively in Addo.

 From watching elephants in the watering hole, to seeing a lion lie in the shade, to the many kudu and birds; it was truly an exciting day!
Always remember: don’t roll down your window in the parks where you drive to see animals!


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