Beers & Dassies on Table Mountain

Dear Diary,

We spent the day up table mountain. We had a beer and ice cream to keep us going. This is where I saw my first Dassie! I was given quite a fright!! 

Table Mountain shenanigans! We explored and found great photo opportunities along the pathways. We brought our creativity with us!

It was a beautiful day in Cape Town! There wasn’t a cloud in the sky!! If you can, I would hike up and take the cable car down. We took the cable car both ways. 

Here’s a shot of lions head! That’s the next adventure. Here’s a secret: we’re going to hike that one. 

Connected to lionshead is signal hill. That’s a lovely drive for sunset if you’re pressed for time! 

One response to “Beers & Dassies on Table Mountain

  1. Thanks for stopped by at my blog and liked the “A heaven on earth named Derawan”.

    and thank you for posting beautiful pictures of South Africa as I miss ZA terribly… 🙂

    Cape Town is one of my favorite destinations on earth!

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