Hiking Lions Head, SA

Dear Diary,

The golden sky, warming Lions Head, was a kiss of an early summer. We not only hiked Lions head once, but twice. The first time was a lovely Sunday and the other was a beautiful sunset.

For the Sunday Funday, Neil and I met up with a group of friends to hike up Lions Head. We rushed to get ready, carpooled, and had to wait for the rest of our group to arrive. The warm sun was shining high in the sky and the winds were gusting a cool breeze for all the hikers.

As we started our climb, we broke into groups and I found myself near the front. Thinking about how all the hard work I’ve been putting in for Cross Fit was finally paying off! Coming around the corners, wondering if we were there yet. We trekked on, stopping only for water and in doing so, sticking together as a group.

I pulled out my Nikon camera with the Tokina lens for beautiful shots of Camps Bay, Table Mountain, and Seapoint. For the amazing sunset, we made haste for capturing every second we could.

On arriving at the top of Lions Head, Neil and I shared an apple and a beer. It was a strange combination, one in which we laughed and enjoyed.

After having our fill of photos and snacks, we decided to climb down.

I felt the excitement of using the chains. It was a rush; I led the group, climbing faster and faster. I had to catch myself and slow down. The adrenaline was sweet but caused me to slip and cut my pinky. My poor pinky finger was the worst of it. After shaking off my fall, I cottoned leading our group down; still stopping for great photo opportunities. 
Lions Head was a pleasant but exciting excursion. One that Neil and I loved climbing twice. The second time was even better. Normally, I don’t like knowing how far the journey is but in our case it had gotten better the second time.

Watching the sunset from Lions Head was magical. The sky turned a vibrant shade of Aqua and a firey gold. It not only warmed up the Twelve Apostles but Camps Bay as well in shades of sparkling copper.

A thank you to The Nomad Photographer for letting me post his photos! The Nomad Photographer Check him out on Instagram @the.nomad.photographer

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