From Fish Hoek to Scarborough; a Scenic Drive Along The Coast

Dear Diary,

Winter brings plenty of rain to Cape Town; therefore, when the sun comes out; go!  It was a brief goodbye to the chilly weather as the streets of Cape Town were being warmed. Neil and I knew it was the perfect opportunity to take cameras out for a drive. We let the roads guide us and I could smell the adventure in the air.


Seeing the signs for watching for baboons reminded me of how easy it is to see the little guys along the road! We drove for miles and miles, stopping to take photos and looking for anything that caught our eyes. One sight in particular caught my eye right away; whales! Neil and I stopped, watched the whales play on the surface of the ocean. It looked like two were racing.


After watching the whales play, Neil and I decided to carry on, by now we had a plan to go around Cape Point into Scarborough, a lovely beach area with beautiful homes.

Tulbagh, South Afric


After coming around Cape Point, I watched in the passenger seat for any signs of wildlife. You never know what you’re going to see inside the fence line of Cape Point. After scanning the area, I spotted lots of ostriches. I love seeing ostriches, they are funky cute birds that I’ve only seen in South Africa in large quantities. After oohing and awing like a tourist, we continued on driving.

Scarborough, Cape Town

Neil pulled up as close as he could get to the beach entrance. We got out of the car excitedly with our lenses of choice on our Nikon cameras. I watched children play, dogs run free, and a couple of surfers assessing the waves. It was a sweet glimpse of summer. One that is cherished and caught in time by our cameras.


We relaxed in the sun, and relaxed until it was time to return home. We said our silent goodbyes to Scarborough and  decided to let the roads guide us one last time. We found a different way back into Fish Hoek. This in turn lead us down the main road into the quaint Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

Cape Town has many charming qualities. One in particular; is the coast! I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was. I was sad to say goodbye, but I knew we would see it all again, very soon.

Come check out another excursion to see the lovely flowers of Cape Town!

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