Snakes, Flowers, Zebras & More

Dear Diary, 

 Once again, Neil and I were off on an adventure. Our Nikon cameras were charged, back up batteries were ready and memory cards were cleared. We drove out to Langabaan area to visit the nature preserve and all its beauty. 

 The sun was high, flowers in full bloom, and animals soaking in the golden rays at the West Coast National Park. 

The winds were howling but that didn’t stop the reptiles and game from coming out to play. Zebras roamed the fields and snakes slithered along the pavement for this brisk yet warm day. I put my hand out the window to feel the chill in the air. 

Stopping at the beach for a picnic, we ate and read through the park’s map to reach the flowers. The sun was high in the sky when we continued on. 

Winding through all the park areas, we came across beautiful landscapes, cool reptiles, fluffy birds, and hungry game.  The snakes were both on the road soaking up the sun before the clouds came.   
The ostrich and its chicks roamed the hillside. I was quick on the draw to capture this little family. The female watching out for the little ones. These big birds are easily told apart by their coloring. Females being brown and makes being black and white. 


Flying low and high were the birds, letting Neil and I get our full of shots. 

We stopped fast for a Kudu flew across the road, hardly giving us notice. It’s as if they were saying look at us! Which gave us good photo opportunities.    

We caught many good shots of unexpected wildlife. We were privy to the secrets between all the birds and watched until our hearts were content. 
After getting our fill and for having spent an entire day at the West Coast National Park, we were on our way out when we spotted a mongoose. The little guy was just parked in the middle of the road but before we could get a shot, he ran. 

It was exciting and rewarding spotting all that we did and we will definitely be back!


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