Lagunitas All Day

Dear Diary,


For Neil’s and my sunny Saturday we went to the Lagunitas Brewery! Truth be told it was my sister, Carissa’s idea, and a darn good one at that.


We left a sunny San Francisco day for a trip up to Petaluma. Don’t fret, it wasn’t a mistake, I promise! Walking through the doors of the brewery, we were greeted by friendly staff, great music, a full house, and 5 minutes until a beer tour. What did we do in those five minutes you ask? Well we got a Lagunitas IPA of course! IPA standing for Indian Pale Ale. 



For those of you who have tried home brewing, you’d get a kick out of hearing the story of the owner of Lagunitas. We listened with giggles and smiles! Don’t worry, I won’t ruin the surprise. (But I’ll give a hint!! It includes: 500 drunks, 500 clowns, a human waste/beer explosion, and multiple starting locations!) 

The whole day brought an abundance of inspiration and who knows, maybe we’ll start up home brewing again 😉

(P.S. I’m featuring a Kali Kiss Jewelry bracelet, Telegraph Hill in today’s adventure!)

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