Would You Care For A Mere Stroll In Muir Woods?

Dear Diary,

One afternoon, Neil and I visited Muir Woods just outside San Francisco. We were accompanied by Neils family for this particular excursion. 

Off we went to the tree lovers monument. We were just in awe of the beautiful redwoods and sequoia trees!  

Walking through the forest, we witnessed natures natural skyscrapers blocking the sounds of civilization. You were alone with wilderness (and a few chipmunks). Worries of the day were absorbed in the pathways leading to adventure. 


We had a bit of fun along the way! Enjoyed the view and fresh air of the woods. 

We jumped about and walked along different pathways. I became hungry and started eating Japanese chocolates from Japan town until we made it to the cafe in the beginning. I was glad to see the lovel of recycling they had there; however, I couldn’t understand where they wanted me to throw which, where. It was a good laugh.   


It was a gorgeous day of photography and family time. I was sad to go but thirsting for more beautiful redwood adventure. 

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