San Francisco, I Love You!

Dear Diary,

I spend lots of time in San Francisco, I call it my home base because my lovely sister lives there. When I come home we have late nights, watch movies, and I get to have a pet again. Thank you Astro for letting me “love”you.  

Neil and I have also had many adventures in San Francisco over the last 3 years when we’ve popped in to see family. 

We’ve ventured to see Alcatraz and figure out all the mysteries behind the escape! I think they made it…

We’ve had rare and random food items at Chinatown and Japantown. Make sure you have lots of boba teas!

We’ve Trekker through popular trails! And we’re silly along the way.   


Neil and I flew around the bay, having our first flight lesson. It was beautiful to see this side of the city. Up above instead of down below!   
Don’t forget a trip to the sutro baths on your way to a bonfire for the weekend. 

Enjoy the magic of the city!   
I’ll have more photos of the beautiful city to come. There are many things to do and sites to see! I recommend just getting lost. Check out the beach, trails, city life, all the popular landmarks and more! 

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