Dear Diary,

Neil and I had time off so we thought, why not visit the iconic Yosemite and see what it’s all about? I went with pretty high expectations and wow were they surpassed!  

We spent three days and learned a lot about this beautiful place. 

My only warning is, don’t forget be bug spray! I was literally chomped alive the first day. I learned my lesson and got the strongest repellent I could find and I was sorted for the rest of our trip. No bugs could ruin this amazing getaway! 

I loved spending time in nature with the love of my life. It made us appreciate what life has to offer. Definitely the best way to spend our anniversary (4 years!) ♥️

It was romantic and lovely! The sun was shining bright and we definitely spent every moment of light out exploring. We stayed in a small town just outside Yosemite where we got to enjoy the deer in the evenings and beautiful quiet sunrises in the morning. (I won’t forget the delicious s’mores we had after a long day of hiking every night! That was my reward I gave myself for those 20k+ steps!)

We saw a variety of views ranging from Yosemite Falls, Brida Veil Waterfall, Taft Point, Glacier Point, El Capitan Meadow and Tunnel View. Those areas are must sees and are all photographed here. 

It was for all ranges of difficulty and I liked that I didn’t have to be at my prime to enjoy. Combine walking trails and driving and you can see most of the beautiful landscapes!
It was one of my favorite trips and I will definitely be back for more Yosemite!! 

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