Brooklyn & New York All In One 

Dear Diary,

I love all my trips to New York. My only wish is that they would last longer than a few days. I’ve been brought to New York over these past few years and averaged 5 days each time.  The only good thing is that I always see and love the good parts! 

The photography here ever gets old! I guess that’s true with any big city. 

I got to explore a bit more of Brooklyn on this trip and I fell in love! Thank you air bnb for a lovely Brooklyn Heights rental. 

We didn’t rent a car this trip. We relied more on public transport. No matter how many times I take the subway I’m always second guessin myself. There is always entertainment onboard the subway. Hold on to your purse! (Or just zip it up) 

We met up with Friendster family from South Africa. Just last year we took photos together on Lions Head, Cape Town! It was amazing to be able to do it here in New York. Next stop…. Zurich, Switzerland! 

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