Dear Diary,

Wow Greece! I never imagined myself coming here. I didn’t really know what to expect either. What I received was beauty, culture and fun. We spent two weeks here in Mykonos and soaked up the summer. I even have the evil eye charm to always remind me of the enchanting island.

The narrow streets helped keep the sun off of us while we perused the painted streets.

My favorite passtime was gelato! I fell in love with the flavor, stracciatella. 

The beach clubs were relaxing and fun, the city was quaint and the people were friendly.

We took a drive around the island which brought us to “the lighthouse” It was miles away from town, perched on the edge of the island. Quiet and serene. 

Everything about the island was cute! Vivid colors whilst against the white houses.

The windmills were a major attraction. Perched on the southern hillside of Mykonos.

Bars, bars and more bars with gelato in-between. That’s what you get here in Mykonos. You could see club lights going into the am. Most DJs didn’t even start until 2-3am.

Kalua Beach Club was my favorite!


Now back to work! Next will be a stop in Montenegro!

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