A Little Bit Of Italy

Dear Diary,

When I say a little bit of Italy.. it really is! Have you heard of the Italian island, Sardinia? Well that’s where Neil and I ended up. To be specific, the town of Olbia in Sardinia.

Sardinia was a charming island filled with resteraunts, bars and ice cream!

I even found myself in the supermarket a few times! There’s something special about going to different supermarkets or grocery stores in a foreign country. The comforts you would normally have in your own country is substituted with someone else’s comforts. We tried new coffee, new juices, snacks and pastries. Wow, the patties were my favorite!!


I loved the pizza that they didn’t cut, they leave you with a fork and knife. (The best resteraunts are away from the main road in Olbia!)dsc_4126

My drink of choice was the passionfruit mojito. They did it exceptionally well!dsc_4136

I spent a lot of my time photographing this beautiful town on this quaint island. It was very warm! So we tried to find as much shade as we would which was usually at a resteraunt. dsc_4140

We wandered the little alleyways, ate far too much and even did a little shopping. Next time I definitely want to explore the rest of Italy! For now, it was a lovely little peep at the culture and delicious food!

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