What A Nice Suprise! 

Dear Diary,

Our next country we visited was France. I had a vision of romance, boutiques and pastries. France did not disappoint.
We went to many little towns across the coast.

My favorite towns were St. Tropez, Antibes, Nice, Eze and Gordon.

I have a lot to cover so I’ll dive right in! Beginning with Eze.
Eze, the little Medival Town on the hill was at the top of my favorites. It’s small but cute. We visited the cacti garden at the top of the town and even the perfumery down in the other part of town. I found my favorite, Belle Cherie! It’s about a euro a spritz.

It was about a 23 euro Uber from Nice and well worth it!

Nice was nice! As I like to say. Maybe my favorite city. Actually they all were my favorite. How do you choose when they all have something to offer?

We met friends in Nice, had delicious food and tried lots of wine! We visited some wineries with beautiful architectural buildings!

We had to rent a car for our excursion to the beautiful Gorge Du Loup! This is also the day we saw Gordon, a town high up with an amazing view of the Cotes de azure.

France is beautiful and has a lovely culture. I had so many macaroons and plates of escargot!

Now thhis gorgeous alleyway is in St. Tropez. An Ibiza of France. It’s a beautiful little party town full of yachts, gelato and patisseries. My favorite time here was going to this quaint pizza shop down a side road and watching the sunset near the old but picturesque cemetery in town. It was touching and aweing. 

Ok, ok, ok…last highlight! Antibes! Great hangover food and good bars. Wait. I mean they had great bars and good hangover food.

I’ve overloaded you all with photos of breathtaking views and all my fun in France.  I guess I shouldn’t say it was all in and games. I had to work too. Here’s one of my days at the office! Creating table decorations on charter.

Time to the next adventure! ❤

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