Oh Cheese! And More In The Netherlands! 

Dear Diary,

The Netherlands are beautiful, charming and exciting. Neil and I visited Amsterdam and the surrounding smaller towns to get a bit of culture while we formed our opinions. We enjoyed Amsterdam immensely and walked until we couldn’t walk anymore!DSC_5098

I also shopped at many of the shops along the way! We came across a square full of pigeons that would randomly fly together around the square which “ooed” and “awed” the crowds. We just had to wait and get a good shot.DSC_5085

There were so many places to eat, explore and experience! We loved the cheese shops, ceramic stores full of the traditional blue and white china.DSC_5072

The sunsets were amazing when they hit the buildings… just right! My camera battery couldn’t keep up with all the amazing shots I wanted. We actually had to hunt for a camera shop to upgrade some of our gear. Yay!DSC_5053

The clogs were so interesting! Neil and I went on a cultural tour where we saw a Clog being made in a workshop and got to try on a pair. They weren’t my style… But I appreciated the craftsmanship that went into a pair.DSC_5025DSC_5013

I definitely enjoyed Amsterdam immensely and we got to have amazing weather!DSC_4995DSC_4944

Neil and I were so happy and loved every minute of our adventure! Neil had fun creating  his video with his Gyro stabiliser for his DSLR. I stuck to photography to capture every moment.DSC_4934DSC_4912DSC_4907DSC_4885

I can’t forget about our amazing museum trek. We visited so many and soaked up all the art we could and even went to the Anne Frank house. The knowledge in this town was incredible.DSC_4855

We obviously road bikes the entire time. It’s definitely the way to go! There are so many bikes. Every canal is full of bikes! We even saw a huge bike parking garage!! It was comical yet fascinating. DSC_4853


Well! Neil and I adored our time in Amsterdam and the surrounding towns. It was extremely adorable yet fun! Did I mention we loved the Heineken Brewery?! This gave a whole new experience for Heineken. We definitely picked up a bottle with our names for our bookshelf at home!


Stay updated for our next adventure!! xoxo

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