Scotland, I Miss You Already!

Dear Diary,
Well Scotland… You did it… You made me sad to leave. I bought extra souvenirs to make up for how much I didn’t want to leave!

We had an amazing time with amazing friends exploring what we could in less than a week!

Yes a week! We saw some of the beautiful highlands, stayed mostly in Edinburgh and found some highland cows! Did you know:

Their hair is always long, sometimes reaching about 13 inches, with a slight wave. Since their coat is double-layered, the outer hair is oiled to prevent rain seeping into their skin, while the downy undercoat provides warmth during the rough and rainy Scottish winters.

I found a new favorite castle. It was Dunnotter castle!

Did you know:

It was at Dunnottar Castle that a small garrison held out against the might of Cromwell’s army for eight months and saved the Scottish Crown Jewels, the ‘Honours of Scotland’, from destruction.

Kelpies!!! It was a sight to see! I even had an ice cream and it was cold.

Did you know:

Built of structural steel with a stainless steel cladding, The Kelpies are 30 metres high and weigh 300 tonnes each.

It was also Neil’s birthday so we had a lovely meal and did some yummy whisky tasting. Now we officially want to buy a a distillery and live in the isles of Scotland. Like Ron effing Swanson (from parks and rec!!)

It was breathtaking and beautiful walking and driving through this beautiful place!

2 responses to “Scotland, I Miss You Already!

    • Hi! It is however definitely have a car or a tour to get there. It’s fairly cheap and is a bit of a walk so wear comfortable shoes. It can be a bit slippery on the decent as well! (I wore boots and wish I hadn’t) 🙂


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