Lions Head, South Africa

Lions Head, South Africa


The traveler & Photographer behind Breathe & Leap. I shoot with a Nikon D7100. I’m always seen traveling with my Boyfriend, Neil; he is @The.Nomad.Photographer on Instagram! I discovered my passion for traveling in 2012 always working and traveling when I can. I am also the Designer at Kali Kiss Jewelry. At Kali Kiss we specialize in Bohemian travel inspired bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. My passion for all things fashion and travel related has been the driving force behind all of my endeavors. I find inspiration from every town, province, and country. My designs are the culmination of these past travels and my chance to create and share a piece of where I’ve been.

Follow @breatheandleap on instagram for updates on the latest country Neil and I are in! As well as @KaliKissJewelry on for sneak peeks that will be added to the Kali Kiss Store and Tag #kalikissjewelry in Instagram to get featured and show how you layer Kali Kiss Designs!

Stay connected with:

Instagram: @Breathe & Leap
Instagram: @KaliKissJewelry

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